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Theatre Church FAQ

Cinemark locations are available for worship services on Sunday mornings. Access time is typically 7:30-11:30 a.m. In most cases, the theatre will open for business and begin showing movies in other auditoriums before the church rental ends. The church rents specific auditoriums, not the entire building.

Each congregation is different. Consider the auditoriums needed for the main service, classes and areas for children, including nursery. The lobby and hallways are not available.

The church should provide all audio/visual equipment required. Cinemark equipment, including the auditorium sound system, is not available for use. All church audio/visual equipment is set-up inside the auditorium. Access to the projection booth is not available. The church may use the screen in the auditorium.

No. Storage is limited at the theatre, and space is not available for church equipment or supplies.

Directional signage inside the theatre is permitted. The signage should be removed before the theatre opens to the public. Outdoor signage is not allowed.

Yes. Most contracts are for a one-year term. Shorter contracts, such as six months, could also be available. A certificate of insurance is required.

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